November 19th, 2010
Poor Eva Longoria, Mujeriegos y Matrimonios

Doesn’t it suck that these things are always so predicable? I, for one, feel for Eva Longoria (who filed for divorce after he husband Spurs basketball player Tony Parker was caught cheating) because I think that these Hollywood stars always think — like the rest of us — that they are truly in love and marry for life. But, like the rest of us, they’re not the only ones engañados.

Now, I love me some Latino sexy face, but at the same time I am always willing to criticize “my culture” (take from that what you will, as I’m a Chicana/pocha) for its permissive attitude towards the wandering eyes of men. When women do it, they’re whores, but boys will be boys. Come to think of it, that’s very applicable to U.S. culture, too.

The worst part is that women, as mothers, contribute to the cycle by giving mamitis to their male children and making them all chiflados. We gotta break out of the cycle ladies, and teach our men and sons that it’s NOT okay to treat women like they’re disposable. This is especially because, when it comes to divorce in the U.S., it’s (almost) always the women who end up in poverty while men become richer.

[Image Courtesy Donna Reyes]

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