December 1st, 2010
$3.5 Million Bottle of Tequila!

Really, what’s the point?

Mexican distillery Hacienda la Capilla has produceda bottle of Tequila worth $3.5 million. I’ll let that sink-in for a bit.

The thing is that it’s not the Tequila that’s worth that much money, it’s the bottle. It’s encrusted with too many diamonds to matter, and that seems to be the novelty of the thing. It reportedly took the work and talent of 20 0r 30 people (the Fox News Latino report didn’t specify; research sampling for the story may have something to do with that). What we do know is that the diamonds were encrusted in a layer of platinum and that was enough to give it a name: “Diamond’s Law.”

The bottle will be auctioned and the starting bid is set at $3.5M. It’s set to go on tour of what the Fox report calls “tequila-appreciating hotspots: London, Paris, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco and Dubai.”

I have a HUGE problem with that! I know some Tequila hot-spots in San Anto, Laredo and Los Angeles that should be at the top of that list.

Here’s a video of the bottle and the event where it was unveiled:

[Photo by Jorge Quinteros]

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