December 2nd, 2010
Lipstick Color: Latino

Yes, there’s a lipstick color called “Latino” brought to you by the United Kingdom cosmetic company Rimmel. Here, check it out (upper right-hand corner):

I mean, I guess we know how the Native Americans feel, being named after an SUV, à la, Jeep Cherokee? Maybe because Rimmel is a UK company they don’t know that’s offensive? Because the British have never engaged in colonial/oppressive behavior? Perhaps, most likely, they don’t care?

I almost want to be really offended at this, but I just think it’s dumb, such a blatantly ignorant move — I mean, this thing had to go through several layers of development, production, marketing and approval — that I’m not sure it really matters to me. The real test will come when companies like Rimmel realize this kind of stupidity will lose them money — Mary Kay recently reported that almost 40% of its work force is Latina. Money talks, no?

What do you all think?

2 thoughts on “Lipstick Color: Latino

  1. You do realize that there are latinos in europe – Italy, Spain etc. I get how you could think this is offensive, but in reality it’s not. When it starts coming with a dark lip liner – then you’re allowed to be offended.

  2. “French Lingerie”…brings visions of sheer, sexy, ….! The French PEOPLE made it a possitive title.
    “Latina, Chicana, Hispanic”…those word are beutiful to my ears! I associate them with Shakira, strength, color, excitement, a REAL woman! Hispanic people MUST make it a POSSITIVE title!
    Our children’s self-identity will be determined BY US!

    Think “I am Black and I am proud”…”Black is beautiful”…and what these did for a whole generation and every generation of Blacks gave them and their children pride in their race! We MUST do the same!

    Financially, it is wonderful that our buying power is being recognized! Our business is being appreciated. POWER is NOT a four letter word!! I am ordering their lipstick today! SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US!

    “White maybe right, but TAN IS GRAND”! Our home slogan! (My husband is sooo white! LOL).

    Bring on those BEAUTIFUL words…Chicana..Hispanic…Mexican…Salvadorian..Shakira!!

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