February 1st, 2011
Latinos Will be in a Bigger Spotlight in Spring, Summer

It’s looking like spring and summer will be key for Latinos and the release of the numbers of the Census population count. Spring for political reasons, summer for just about everything else.

There’s been a growing rumble of anticipation of the Latino population count, many folks agree that the official count will be higher than expected. Lot’s of folks in business, marketing and politics around the country are getting ready for what they believe will be a renewed and focused attention on Latinos as a market and as a voting block. It’s expected to be that big.

I found these projected Census count release dates in the US Census web site:

Feb – March 2011:

  • State population counts for race and Hispanic or Latino categories
  • State housing unit counts by occupancy status (occupied units, vacant units)

Apr 20100:

  • Population and housing unit counts for the United States, regions, divisions, and American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Areas

May 20100:

  • Selected population and housing characteristics
  • Includes Congressional Districts of the 111th Congress

Jun – Aug 2011:

  • Population counts for 63 race categories and Hispanic or Latino
  • Population counts for many detailed race and Hispanic or Latino categories, and American Indian and Alaska Native tribes
  • Selected population and housing characteristics

If you’re Latino and you feel like someone is watching you come spring and summer, you’re not crazy, they will be watching. But there’s no need to worry, we’re on it at News Taco; we’ll keep you in the loop.