February 17th, 2011
NewsTaco To Go: Cure For Baldness, Middle East, Immigration, Babies And Gays

Scientists may have accidentally discovered the cure for baldness, at least baldness due to stress. The researchers were studying stress-related stomach problems by injecting mice with a stress-blocking compound, which had the side effect of prompting hair growth.

Hawaii legislature approves same-sex unions, meaning civil unions in that state can begin on January 1 of next year, granting gay couples the same rights and benefits to married heterosexual couples.

Every year 10,000 babies are injured by their cribs or playpens, according to a new study which also found that the injuries mostly occurred when the babies were old enough to try to climb out of the crib or playpen.

The federal government is going after undocumented workers by asking companies to turn over their records for screening, about 1,000 companies, and the feds will be looking for non-legal workers.

Protesters continue to protest in Bahrain, even though 14 were killed recently in in Libya, where they are gaining steam.

[Photo By Jamison Wieser]

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