March 30th, 2011
News Taco To Go: Oil, Jobs, Muslims, Walmart And Radiation

President Obama is set to cut U.S. oil imports by 1/3 over the next decade due to unrest in the Middle East and rising prices.

There were 201,000 jobs added to the private sector this month, according to the private company ADP; this is good, but not great growth.

Muslims in the U.S. face increasing discrimination since the 9/11 attacks, according to the Department of Justice.

The Supreme Court seems set to rejection a class action lawsuit brought against Walmart for systematic gender discrimination against women.

Radiation continues to leak in Japan, where 4 of 6 Daiichi reactors are not fixable; sea water shows radiation levels 3,300 times the legal limit.

[Photo By Kedondeng]

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