April 12th, 2011
Latinos Use Smartphones, Spanglish To Google

An interesting report from ClickZ describes how Latinos use search engines like Google. Some of what was reported has been previously reported on News Taco, but there was a lot of interesting new information as well, for example:

  • Search is among the top 5 activities Latinos perform online, looking for everything on the web, images, and videos in that order.
  • 93% of Latinos use Google for search.
  • 78% of Latinos have used a search engine to find more information about something they saw on TV.
  • Latinos will search differently, searching for “Oscar” instead of “Oscars” to learn about the movie awards show, for example.
  • 10% of all U.S. searches are in Spanish.
  • 80% of Spanish keyword searches come from Google’s English interface, meaning Latinos searching may be bilingual.

But for me the most interesting portion of the report pertained to smartphones:

Seventy percent of Hispanics use their smartphones to do search. No surprise there. But when you dig into the frequency, according to comScore, Hispanics are 29 percent more prone to be heavy searchers (22 to 70 searches a month) via their mobile phones than the general market. We discussed in previous articles that mobile is the fastest-growing and most effective way for Latinos to browse the Internet, to connect to social media networks, etc. The same goes for search. Forty percent of Hispanics compare prices and find retailers via smartphones, making it a great tool to affect the purchase behavior.

Pretty interesting stuff!

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