June 3rd, 2011
Is Obama’s Puerto Rico Visit Just A PR Move?

By Efraín Nieves

There has been some criticism towards President Obama’s future visit to Puerto Rico.  For example, Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News titled his article “President Obama’s upcoming trip to Puerto Rico is a PR move.”  Gonzalez suggests Obama is only making  trip “to offer Latino voters many reasons to support his reelection effort.”

But what if the President is actually trying to help the Puerto Rican people? Obama did mention he would like to see the people of the island vote for their own status. A sure sign of showing the Puerto Rican people independence versus letting the U.S. government make the decision.

There is no right or wrong opinion on this topic. All I am asking from my stateside brethren is to look at things on the brighter side. Take this opportunity to say something and be heard instead of bashing anything American. We can be proud but we also have to be patient. Pa’lante.

[Photo By Alex Barth]

One thought on “Is Obama’s Puerto Rico Visit Just A PR Move?

  1. Sorry my little HOUSE SLAVE friend, you should show some more respect and listen to your elders. Juan Gonzalez knows what he is talking about.  “We can be proud but PATIENT” En serio? How much longer 500 more years? Wake up – it’s always good to know what you’re getting pimped out.

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