June 16th, 2011
Who Are We Celebrating On Father’s Day?

Celebrating father’s day is an established tradition in many countries, including my native Mexico. But this Father’s Day I thought it would be important to remember that there are many different types of fathers.

  1. The biological father that only conceives children, only to disappear from their lives, leaving them in the care of their mother, or completely helpless.
  2. The biological father who stays at home taking responsibility for the economic costs of his children, leaving the physical and emotional care of children to their mother while maintaining an emotional distance with them.
  3. The biological father who, aside from being involved in the physical and emotional development of his children, gives them support and protection as they mature into adults.
  4. The father who, despite not being the biological father,  accepts the responsibility to educate and nurture the children of his partner with love and respect so they can develop into healthy, independent adults.
  5. The grandfather who functions as a father when his daughter has children without the support of the biological father. The grandfather decides to become a part of the nuclear family for his grandchildren, giving them support and forming an integral part of their education and development.

This Father’s Day, we have to recognize all the men who have decided to have children. Only they and their children can truly assess whether this day is one on which to celebrate their contributions, miss them for lost opportunities, or be grateful for whoever has acted as a father in their lives.

Martha Sáenz is a life coach hyponotherapist who lives in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter at @marthalifecoach.

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