June 25th, 2011
Texas Senator John Cornyn Heckled At NALEO Over DREAM Act

San Antonio, Texas — Last night during a speech to NALEO attendees, Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn gave what many believed was a great speech. He said right off the bat that it’s great more Latinos are being elected to office, he mentioned Marco Rubio the Republican senator from Florida in particular, and he generally did a good job wooing the crowd with his spiel — but then he was heckled by someone in the crowd.

You can read my tweeting of the whole speech here.

Cornyn was mid-sentence when someone in the back of the room yelled, “What about the DREAM Act Senator?!” I was on the second story and I heard it, everyone heard it. The reaction to that was mixed; some people were shhhhh-ing, trying to get the heckler to stop, a few people clapped and a lot of us kind of chuckled and smiled to ourselves.

Senator Cornyn handled the whole thing pretty well, telling the heckler something to the effect of “I’d be happy to let you give a speech afterwards, or talk to you afterwards, but I’d prefer you not to interrupt my speech.” Then the heckler and a few other started clapping and chanting “DREAM Act! DREAM Act! DREAM Act!” But the hecklers were eventually silenced by the crowd (I didn’t see if there was security or something, they just kind of faded off.)

Then Senator Cornyn, who I mentioned was on a roll, ended his speech and walked away.  That’s the chisme from the front lines, this is Sara Inés Calderón reporting for News Taco.

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