June 30th, 2011
Fall Fashion: Geometry, Earrings & Bright Colors

July is almost here, and, you guessed it, that means the fashion world is about to start whipping out their fall items soon. Let’s take a look at what that’ll mean for your wardrobe!

The Trends

We are already seeing more muted colors and fall tones. And long, flowing dresses and peasant shirts with long sleeves are starting to replace the strapless fifties dress. Most interestingly, this late summer we will see styles reminiscent of the ancient Middle East. Namely, fabrics are geometrically patterned, sandals are embellished with stones or floral designs, and accessories are brass and gold with mosaic or ikat details.

Most of us probably aren’t quite ready to gear up for fall. But these intriguing and beautifully intricate late summer trends will surely last us to November.

Geometric Patterns

Pattern mixing is still definitely in. So this late summer, try mixing more complex patterns in more muted colors. Pair a neutral, patterned maxi dress with a beige or brown embellished sandal. Then throw in other geometric shapes with your accessories. Try triangle earrings or a square bracelet (or both!). And think in hues of burnt orange, muted teal, or deep purple.

geometric outfits


Detailed Earrings

If you are looking for a new accessory that will last you from summer to fall, go for an intricate dangle earring. Be on the lookout for long brass hoops, multi-colored beading, or even cotton-threaded metals. Make these earrings your statement piece, and combine them with a neutral dress and sandals.

Fall Fruit Colors

Think about the produce section in fall, and apply that to your wardrobe. This July is all about previewing those vivid colors of pumpkins, papaya, and even artichokes. To stay cool in the heat, try a pair of olive shorts or linen pants. Pair it with a peasant top in peach orange, an embellished sandal, and natural stone jewelry.

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  1.  here i appreciate the fashion technologies which uses fabrics ,stones which are not so costly and it is easily available to common people and these style of clothing are used in ancient time so it is boon for modern fashion.

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