July 5th, 2011
Jenny’s Refreshing Fruit Cups

Call me crazy but I don’t like to eat ice cream when it’s hot outside. The only desert that I can even think about when it’s a 100 degrees is a cup of cold, chopped fruit drizzled with lime juice, salt and chile powder. I know this may sound a little odd to those of you who haven’t tried this. But trust me. It’s delicious and refreshing!


  • Fruit of choice, chopped and chilled
  • Lime juice
  • Salt
  • Dried ancho chile powder


  • Place fruit – pineapple, honey dew melon, jicama, cantaloupe or watermelon – in bowl.
  • Drizzle with lime juice.
  • Sprinkle with salt and chile powder.


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[Photo By Luz A. Villa]


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