August 31st, 2011
Arizona Congressman, SB1070 Critic Finds Bullet In Office

While some members of Congress are forgoing town halls this summer in order to dodge angry or rowdy constituents, Representative  Raul Grijalva of Arizona may literally have to worry about dodging bullets.

Grijalva’s Yuma office was forced to close in late July after his staff found a bullet laying next to a shattered window.  This came the day after the congressman called off a boycott of his state in protest of the implementation of SB1070, which had originally been scheduled to go into effect the same week.  Arizona investigators are still looking into the shooting, while Grijavala’s spokesperson has been careful to avoid pointing fingers.  The Phoenix New Times has speculated about motives behind the incident, posing possible suspects:

Some feel the shot was fired by someone in the anti-SB 1070 crowd, angry Grijalva called off the boycott since SB 1070 — no matter how weak the law may now be — took effect yesterday.

Others believe it was someone who supports SB 1070, upset the law was stripped…and looking to take it out on a vocal crusader against the law.

A member of Grijalva’s staff, however, told us yesterday “it could have been a couple of kids.”

Whoever the shooter was just gave more reason for politicians to avoid meeting constituents face-to-face, particularly in Arizona.  News like this is also bad for voters, many of whom are showing an urge to connect directly with their elected officials and make their voices heard.

[Photo By Rep. Grijalva]


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