Seven Days in Utopia” is a story about the relationship between a budding golfer and his mental training coach. The movie stars Robert Duval, whose character is based on the late Latino golf pro and rancher Johnny Arreaga.

We’d previously interviewed Arreaga’s daughter Becky, who noted that her father’s pursuit and passion for golf and education was instrumental in her own life and success.

Produced and co-written by David Cook, one of the country’s top sports psychologists and former mental advisor to the San Antonio Spurs, the movie and the book it’s based on, “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia,” were both dedicated to Arreaga.

Speaking about his mentor in interviews, Cook claims that not only did Arreaga help him perfect his golf swing, but also taught him about the mind games behind the sport. Seven Days in Utopia opened last week in theaters around the country. Check it out in a theater near you:

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