September 17th, 2011
News Taco Weekly Roundup, September 12-17, 2011

Of course this week was the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, so we had a few posts on that, including: Census data, a story about loving and leaving Mexico, trying to find famous Latinos who are not pop celebrities, a piece examining demographic trends among Latinos and the execution of the Mexican father of El Grito, Father Miguel Hidalgo.

My top pick this week was a story about Georgia’s HB 87 and how racism is figuring into its implementation. A post about César Chávez’s home becoming a National Historic Place, learning to live in Spanglish, a Latina who dates black men dealing with sexism and racism, and some tips from a former house cleaner on how not to treat your Latina maid.

Check out our weekly news roundup with NewsTaco editor Sara Inés Calderón in this short video, with the pertinent links.

Sara’s Top Pick:

Top Stories This Week:

Hispanic Heritage Month:

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