October 24th, 2011
Guapura 101: How To Make Adorable Nail Designs

One way to make yourself up in an inexpensive and fun way is to do your nails. Without a great amount of effort or artistry, you can usually do a cute little manicure using a toothpick and the nail polish you already have.

Step 1

Choose your base coat. Red, white, black, blue, pink, etc. Put on a base coat if you like, then then just paint your nails like regular.

Step 2

Choose your design. The easiest ones involve lines or dots, nothing too complicated, since you’re going to have to be using your non-dominant hand to do the other. Or, you could choose just to highlight one nail.

Step 3

Get a toothpick and dab a little nail polish on a piece of paper, or something that’s not going to stain your stuff. Use the end of the toothpick to make dots or lines or flowers or whatever. I’ve done dots (don’t do too many because then you get tired), I’ve done lines, I’ve done flowers (dots, basically), lightening bolts and stripes.

If you get help, it’s even easier.

[Photo By dreamglowpumpkincat210]

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