Dear Martha:

I have been married for 20 years and have two beautiful children, 19 and 13 years old. My husband is a good partner and a very good provider. He looks out for me and is sometimes a bit possessive and jealous.

What I have always asked of him is to communicate more with our children, as he does not pay attention to them. This makes me feel awful because my children ask me why their father doesn’t love them. I have talked to him about this and I tell him marriage is more than just being a couple, that we are both our children’s parents and he has to participate. He just tells me he is aware of it and does nothing about it.

Our children drift apart from him more each day. As for me I feel as if I only have appreciation for him now, not love anymore. Do you think this has a solution?

– Married Single Parent

Dear Married Single Parent:

To be able to fix a couples’ problem, two people are needed. It is important that he is aware of what your feelings towards him are. Also, that he be willing to work with you and try to save the marriage.

As for your children, he and only he is responsible for being a good father. If he does not want to fix this, your children will keep drifting apart from him more and more. Eventually the resentment will be so big the communication will be permanently cut off between them.

You can continue to be a good mother even if your marriage is having problems, but you will have to face them sooner or later. This issue with your partner needs to be solved in order for it to stop affecting your children.

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One thought on “How Can I Make My Husband Love Our Kids?

  1. I would definitely consider divorcing this man. If he is disrupting the harmony in the home and if he’s NOT willing to do his part, id prefer to be a single mother. Infact, I am a single mother and I.absolutely LOVE it. I loved my husband, but he broke his covenant with me and this woman’s husband broke his.covenant w het and the family. Watch the new movie Courageous, its in theaters. It’s about honorable men who take vows to live sacrificially for their children and families. I would suggest to the married single parent, to gather her strength by leaning on other women, through her faith, and counseling to.gather up her resources and courage to give this weak man an ultimatum.

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