December 19th, 2011
Apathy For 2012 Elections Is High, Except Among Youth

By Dustin Mendus

Americans are dreading the 2012 elections. A new Gallup poll proves it, noting that seven out of 10 Americans just want the 2012 Presidential Campaign over already. The feelings are not partisan or gender-biased, either.

It seems everybody wants this thing over before it starts.

About 31% of Republicans look forward to the upcoming campaign, but only 27% of Democrats. Meanwhile, an even smaller margin of difference exists among Republicans and Democrats who just want it over: 66% and 67%, respectfully. Then there’s the 75% of independents can’t wait for it to end.

By gender, there is very little difference, though men are more interested, 31% versus 21% of women.

What little enthusiasm there is for the upcoming campaign is coming from youth (18-29 year olds), at an apathetic 33%. As the groups age, interest tapers off gradually. About 16% of senior citizens (65+ year olds) are looking forward to the upcoming election.

Campaign season officially starts on January 3 with Iowa caucuses, but you really wouldn’t think so watching the news. Whether or not this dread of the campaign itself will reflect voter turnout remains to be seen. It seems people are paying attention to the pre-Iowa debates, though, however the number and the influence of that number remains to be seen.

Dustin Mendus is an undergraduate student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He focuses on cultural geography.

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