January 4th, 2012
How GOP Ignored Latino Voters In Iowa In Today’s Politics Headlines

In Iowa, Hispanics ‘Used Like a Punching Bag’: The Hispanic businesses lining Second Street are a testament to the immigrant presence in Perry, Iowa, one of the most diverse cities in a state that isn’t known for its ethnic diversity. But notably absent from the Republican candidates’ campaigning in the lead-up to Monday’s Iowa caucus was any interest in reaching out to Latino voters here.

Iowa Caucus Results and the Overlooked Latino Voter: The first chapter on the road to the presidential election of 2012 was written Tuesday in Iowa without even a Latino voter footnote.

CNN Smacks GOP for ‘Ignoring’ Majority-Hispanic Iowa Town; But Town Voted Obama 2 to 1 In ’08: In a provocative segment on Tuesday’s Starting Point, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien hit Republican candidates for not campaigning in Iowa’s first majority Hispanic town. The liberal CNN host brought on citizens of the town – West Liberty, Iowa  – to discuss why no GOP candidate had yet stumped in the town. “GOP candidates skip majority Hispanic town,” the CNN headline blared.

Obama super PAC memo: GOP damaged with Hispanics, seniors: President Barack Obama’s Republican challengers have done themselves “permanent damage” among Hispanics and older voters as a result of the Iowa caucus campaign, the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action contends in a memo shared with POLITICO.

Harlem Faces a Historic Shift: Rise of Hispanic Voters Means Neighborhood Could Lose Its Black Voice in Congress.

Predictions for year ahead in politics (Nevada): Last year at this time, I wrote presciently: “Democratic legislative leaders will wail about the inhumanity of the Sandoval budget, float various taxing proposals, including a franchise tax and a services tax, before settling for a minor increase. They will get enough Republicans to go along, after concessions on public salaries and benefits and education accountability.” That is frighteningly close, eh?

One thought on “How GOP Ignored Latino Voters In Iowa In Today’s Politics Headlines

  1. The city has a population of roughly over 7 thousand and Latinos only represent 5% of the Iowa population. Furthermore Latinos represent under 1% of Iowa business owners so the reason why Republicans ignore Latinos in Iowa is simply because they don’t matter. 

    Besides, we shouldn’t worry much about Iowa, it doesn’t represent the demographics of the United States as a whole. 

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