January 11th, 2012
Ray Suarez: Arizona, Nevada Will Be Pivotal In 2012 Election

By Yvonne Condes

One of my journalism heroes is Ray Suarez of PBS NewsHour. On January 4, I was fortunate enough to catch him after a panel on presidential election coverage at the PBS portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

He said something interesting about Arizona and Nevada. It’s not easy to predict whether those states will go Republican or Democrat in the 2012 election because every day thousands of Latinos turn 18. This led me to ask him what impact Latinos will have on the election.

Here is my short interview with Suarez where he talks about that and what the Supreme Court decision in SB1070 (Arizona’s immigration law) will mean for the rest of the country.

Yvonne Condes is editor and cofounder of MomsLA and founder of YvonneinLA.

[Photo By Flickr]

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