January 18th, 2012
Latino Voters Disappointed, But Still Back Obama In Today’s Latino News Headlines

Poll: Obama ahead of Romney among youth, independent, Latino voters: As prominent tea partiers urge Republican lawmakers and presidential primary voters to move further to the right, President Obama appears to be leading in support from independent voters. Public Policy Polling, delivering results its first national poll (PDF), reports that Obama leads GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney by five points. But among independent voters, Obama is ahead of Romney by 41 points.

Latino Voters 2012: Exhilaration Over President Obama Turns To Dread And Disappointment: The proud and happy faces have been rendered somber and weary by the loss of jobs, benefits and homes. After years of toil and sacrifice, Latino families — along with blacks and other minorities — find themselves vanishing from the ranks of America’s dwindling middle class.

Latino GOP Group to GOP Women’s Org: Don’t Host Speaker from Hate Group: The speaker, Susan Smith, is president of the Nebraskans Advisory Group on Illegal Immigration, the Nebraska affiliate of the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform or better known as FAIR. FAIR is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an official hate group.

Florida Republican Breaks Ranks with Fellow Lawmakers and Supports Gingrich: U.S. Rep. David Rivera broke ranks with his South Florida GOP House members and is pushing for Newt Gingrich. Rivera is touting the former House Speaker’s nuanced approach to immigration reform and his detailed plan to step up pressure on the Cuban government.

NY Redistricting: Untangling Boundaries and Adding a New Hispanic Majority District: The winning congressional map, from a group of University of Buffalo students, recommends a second Latino majority district in the city — which makes sense given that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority in the country and that New York is not an exception. This move would give Hispanic residents a stronger voting power in the Bronx (Districts 13 and 14 would both be majority Latino in the students’ map).

Young Democrats: South Texas to lead political shift: Texas has not sent its electoral votes to a Democratic presidential candidate in nearly four decades. But the president of the Young Democrats of America, who toured the Rio Grande Valley recently, feels confident Texas will soon become a bluer state, with much of that transformation starting in South Texas.

As Governor Perry comes back to Texas: The image of the Rick Perry who returns to Texas from South Carolina on Sunday will contrast markedly with that of the Rick Perry who announced his presidential candidacy in South Carolina on Aug. 13.

Payroll Tax Debate Aftershocks Will Be Felt Strongly By Latinos: Every election is effected to some degree by the enthusiasm of the electorate. At the moment, Hispanic voters are not paying close attention to the race. According to Pew, 56% of them have given little or no thought to the race. If Congress strips the ACTC (Additional Child Tax Credit) from poor, working Latino families, it is likely Hispanics as a whole will have reason to be more engaged in the election drama.

Virginia legislation takes on Latino flavor: Del. Alfonso Lopez, D-Arlington, has proposed providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants if they have lived and paid taxes in Virginia for at least three years and apply for legal residency. The goal, he told the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations on Tuesday, is to help those students obtain an education and legal status so they can better contribute.

City Council could vote Thursday on new map, but delay possible: Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called a special City Council meeting Thursday to consider a new map of the city’s 50 wards, but the aldermen leading the effort to reach a political compromise said the final vote may not come until early next week.


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