January 21st, 2012
NewsTaco Weekly Roundup: January 16-21, 2012

This week we had a nice mix of stories running the gamut from the American Dream to great books to banned books to sexual abuse to the Internet to voting to Arizona to Texas to New Mexico and beyond.

I start it off with my top pick, by Oh Hells Nah, who describes her gratitude for being able to “make it,”  but also her frustration with being utilized as an example for why everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. When it came to culture, we talked about the 40th anniversary of “Bless Me Última,”  banned books in Tucson, the “no Spanish” rule at the New Mexico DMV, and how a documentary by journalist María Hinojosa sparked a federal inquiry into sexual abuse immigrant detention centers.

Politics. There was the  Internet piracy bill, SOPA, MLK and Latinos, voting, redistricting, Arizona’s emergent Latino political class, politicians seeking Latino votes in Texas and how immigration is changing from being driven by Latinos to being driven by Asians.

Sara’s Top Pick:



[Video And Screenshot By NewsTaco]

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