February 15th, 2012
Daniel D. Portado Explains Self Deportation

Conservative Republican Hispanic activist Daniel D. Portado, the original self-deportationist, explains the origin of the self-deportation movement in his own words. Portado’s rallying cry is now backed by GOP wannabe Mitt Romney. Portado is on Twitter, too.

If you remember him, Daniel D. Portado is the self-proclaimed “original self-deportationist,” and encouraged others to follow his example and self-deport during California’s brush with anti-immigration legislation in the 1990s and Proposition 187. With the group HALTO — Hispanics Against Liberal Take Over — the group also sought to outlaw the Macarena and Linda Ronstadt’s music.

See his most recent video below.

[Video And Screenshot By Giovanni Solis Via Pochodotcom]

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