February 17th, 2012
A School Sex Scandal Affects Both Children And Parents

To the mothers of children in elementary school:

At the moment, mothers with school-aged children are alarmed by the painful events in the school Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles. The first thing you need to do is think coolly about what your involvement will be as parents in a terrible event.

If you are the mothers of child victims, as well as turning to the police, you need to demand and bring all legal proceedings and counseling for your children. They need to know:

  • They are not guilty of what happened.
  • The majority of children who suffer some type of abuse do not talk about it.
  • Don’t let your kids blame victims.
  • The emotional and physical damage can be repaired and soften with love and understanding of them and appropriate advice.
  • That, over time, children will return to normal, and will be wiser after that bad experience.

For other mothers concerned about their children:

  • Tell your children to talk in confidence with you, their parents (or the person with whom they have  the most confidence).
  • Tell your children that the law protects them, however small they may be.
  • Tell them they need to give the correct guidance of what they feel is appropriate, or not, for themselves.
  • They can ask for advice to be trained to be better parents.

The risk of children exists in all environments, even within the family. Teaching a child to speak in an atmosphere of trust, love and protection, is the best preventive measure to protect the ones we love.  Do not get caught by the panic and helplessness, it was time to become a mother proactive.

[Photo By Petr Mk]

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