April 4th, 2012
Mayan Calendar Experts “Interpretations Wrong; Apocalypse Coming Early July”

Using an IBM supercomputer, Mayan scholars have cracked a code long believed to be impenetrable. The top archaeological minds in the world are convinced this changes everything we thought we knew about the ancient culture and their doomsday predictions. “The good news is that with the help of technology we were finally able to crack a complex code made up of slightly varying glyphs – that have turned out to be symbolic palindromes. The bad news: the end of the calendar is not December 2012, it’s about the first week of July.”

….Really? I’m disappointed. You clicked on this crap. And then you kept reading up until this point. And you’re still, inexplicably reading. This is perhaps the worst attempt at an April Fool’s prank ever conceived (Editor’s note: even with an editor’s three day lag, it’s funny). You should be ashamed of yourself…

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[photo by CarlosVanVegas]

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