April 12th, 2012
America’s War With Aliens And Their Families

By  , Being Latino

In the time it takes you to read this article, alien parents will be torn away from their children by armed men (possibly in black). These aliens – some of whom may not even speak the language and therefore cannot defend themselves – will be shuffled away as they watch tears cascade down sweet, adolescent faces whose innocence will be lost forever.

This isn’t happening in a galaxy far, far away, several light-years from the unseeing eye of the American public. This heart-wrenching scene takes place right here at home – not only your home, but the children’s home as well.

The children are American citizens, native sons and daughters of the soil, as American as Lady Liberty and George Washington (actually, I believe the statue’s French and the founding hero was born a Brit). Their parents, however, were born somewhere else. And because their parents are here illegally – for whatever reason – they’ll have to live without their mothers and fathers.

On March 26, ICE director John Morton was “pleased to present” his report that showed his agency had deported nearly 47,000 “aliens who claimed to have at least 1 [U.S. citizen] child” during only the first half of 2011 (apparently, Mr. Morton thinks the 47,000 aren’t even Earthlings).

The report – released to the public in April – reveals that over 1500 parents were deported in Chicago, 1800 in San Antonio, nearly 1500 in Los Angeles, and a stunning 2200 in Atlanta. In case you think it was all tears and shouting in the courtroom, don’t worry. ICE notes that these numbers include immigrant parents who voluntarily left the country – and their kids.

According to the director, the first half of 2011 was an overall success, as “ICE was able to meet all the requirements set forth” by Congress in 2010.

But the parents aren’t from a distant star. They’re human beings. They came for a shot at the fabled American Dream. They left countries, family members, friends, favorite places to eat and relax. They saved up large sums of money, usually over months or years, just for the off-chance that they might be able to arrange a trip to the States. People told them that jobs were to be found anywhere they settled, that there were too many jobs, and that if they worked hard enough, they could provide themselves and their families with everything they would ever need.

Only the cowardly wouldn’t take that chance.

Fine. Let’s say the American government doesn’t owe anything to the undocumented. It at least owes something to its own citizens. I used to think that being a citizen of this great-ish country came with special rights and privileges, but members of our society have no rights whatsoever if their parents can be shipped away at will.

So finally, after decades of denial and explaining away sightings, the U.S. government admits aliens do exist. In fact, officials warn that there are aliens living within our own families!

And while I’m sure we’re anxious to see the new Men in Black movie next month, the government won’t be laughing. They’re taking the alien threat very serious.

[Image Courtesy ICE]

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