April 23rd, 2012
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Justices to Rule on Role of the States in Immigration (New York Times): The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on Wednesday on the bitterly disputed immigration enforcement law that was passed two years ago in Arizona, inspiring the Georgia statute and similar ones in Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah.

Naturalization push ahead of November election (Fox News): The national push comes after Democratic President Barack Obama has failed to deliver on promised immigration reforms in his first years in office and his likely opponent, Mitt Romney, adopted harsh rhetoric on illegal immigration to win support from conservatives while campaigning for the GOP nomination.

How much Hispanics matter in 2012 — in one chart (Washington Post): Unless they can find ways to begin convincing the nation’s fastest growing population — Hispanics accounted for half of all the growth of the U.S. population over the last decade — that the GOP is a potential political home for them, they won’t remain a credible national party in 2016, 2020 and beyond.

Romney campaign hits Obama on Hispanic unemployment rate (The Hill): Mitt Romney’s campaign is seeking to pin blame on President Obama for the high unemployment rate among Hispanics. “Under President Obama, more Hispanics have struggled to find work than at any other time on record,” the campaign said in a statement on Friday.

Romney losing Latino, female vote in battleground states (MSNBC): The Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox, The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, and Democratic strategist Julian Epstein dissect Mitt Romney’s problems attracting minority and female voters, and whether Karl Rove’s giant Super PAC coffers can raise enough to make up the difference.

Jeb Bush Would Consider VP, Says Rubio Better Choice (Fox News Latino): Bush, who is popular in Florida, told the conservative website Newsmax that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is “probably the best” choice to share the ticket with Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Bush said he hopes the freshman senator is offered the No. 2 slot and accepts it.

Latino Democrats look to re-introduce DREAM Act in 2012 (San Antonio Express-News): El Paso Democratic Rep. Silvestre Reyes and San Antonio Democratic Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, as well as other members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, are supporting a campaign that launched today to pass the DREAM Act after it fell four votes shy of passing in the Senate last May.

AP Newsbreak: AZ sheriff played probe for laughs (The Seattle Times): An audio recording has surfaced of an Arizona sheriff (Joe Arpaio) playing his refusal to cooperate in a racial profiling investigation for laughs at a fundraiser for an anti-illegal immigration group in Texas. He ridicules politicians who sought the probe and displayed contempt toward federal authorities who were – and are still – investigating him on two fronts.

AG drops Voting Rights Act lawsuit, plans to re-file (AzCapitolTimes): The Arizona Attorney General’s Office asked a federal court to dismiss its lawsuit against a provision of the Voting Rights Act, saying it doesn’t have the resources to fight an expensive court battle.

AJC survey of Latinos finds positive views, limited contact with Jews (JTA): “Latino opinions are hampered by limited contact and general unfamiliarity with Jews,” according to Latino Decisions, the company that carried out the survey for the AJC. Its conclusion, nonetheless, was that “Latinos hold many positive views about the Jewish community.”

The Socially Connected Hispanic Consumer [Infographic] (WebProNews): The growing hispanic population in the United States is showing a huge presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and are in fact, becoming a fundamental component of American business faster than any other group. Nielsen, the television survey people, have published a report on the growing Latino population in America and their impact on society as we know it.



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