May 17th, 2012
Leaders Discuss Policy At National Latino Congreso In Chicago

By Voxxi

This is the first time the National Latino Congreso will take place outside of the Southwest region and this year’s focus iLatino leaders, activists and policy makers will come together at this year’s National Latino Congreso in Chicago to discuss the policy and political agenda of Latino communities in the United States.

 Economic justices on three over-arching themes:

  • Immigration and migrant rights
  • Latino vote and civic engagement.
National Latino Congreso

The event runs from May 17-19 at the Arturo Velazquez Institute located at 2800 South Western Ave. in Chicago, Ill. Sessions include discussions on youth, education, art, culture, environmental justice, transnationalism, gender equity and community health.

Thomas Saenz, president and general council of MALDEF, and CongressmanLuis Gutierrez, D-IL, are among the speakers for Saturday’s session onmigrant rights and immigration policy.

The national convening organizations will prepare concept papers about central themes with the purpose of promoting dialogue and developing a set of resolutions for consideration by the National Latino Congreso participants.

Resolutions may also be presented and discussed in any of the simultaneous workshops and panel sessions.

For more information visit National Latino Congreso website.

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