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I will want to say more about this in the coming days but I wanted to quickly point your eyes to some extraordinarily cool art I ran across yesterday at The Spot‘s 1st Anniversary show in Barrio Logan. Followers of this blog know that “Xicanosmosis” is the fancy term I dreamed up in Tex[t]-Mex to describe what happens when the cultural richness of Mexico and the United States blend (osmosis) through and across international boundaries. This rich fusion, a kind of semiotic jazz, is enjoying a renaissance. For more pictures, click the R2D2 “candle” for a link to my eyegiene tumblr site. Click Cholo Batman for more shots as well.

This post first appeared in the textmex galleryblog.

William Anthony Nericcio, aka “Memo,” is the Director of San Diego State University’s ever-evolving MALAS program (The Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences)–a dynamic, interdisciplinary, cultural studies graduate program located near the U.S./Mexico border. Nericcio also serves on the faculties of the Chicana/o Studies Department, the Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of English and Comparative Literature at SDSU.

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