October 17th, 2012
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Wednesday October 17, 2012

Court to hear Brewer’s appeal in immigration case (AzCapitoltimes): Important because it’s happening today. But it’s not what you think. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer appealed a ruling by a Federal Judge that bans  people from blocking traffic when they seek or offer work as day laborers.

Mayor Villaraigosa wants city ID card for immigrants (Los Angeles Times): Good article that lays out the issue of providing ID’s for the undocumented of Los Angeles, with context and perspective. A solid backgound-er for discussion.

Villaraigosa’s illegal immigrant ID plan has critics, supporters (Los Angeles Times): This story kinda’ picks up where the one above leaves off. It lays-out the opposing arguments with a little more depth.

Thousands of Immigrants Get Deferrals (The Wall Street Journal): In case you were wondering – the latest totals of DREAMers who have applied for deferral. A caution, though, if you’re not a WSJ subscriber you’ll only get about a paragraph of the story. But the numbers are there.

The Latino Vote: Presidential candidates pursue splintered bloc (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Interesting approach to the ubiquitous political issue. The Writer, Xazmin Garza,  sets up her story in a few paragraphs then tells it in a series of small voter vignettes.

Oregon Latinos retaining Spanish language more than previous generations ( Interesting read. Don’t know of Oregon is an outlier or if this is an indication of a trend. It used to be conventional wisdom that the language of origin was lost in three generations. This finding seems to buck that trend. It’s new, so it’s worth posting here.

Study: Middle-age Hispanics most likely to skip the vote (NBC Latino):Very interesting piece on who doesn’t vote and why…then again, I’m a bit obsessive about these things. At any rate, middle aged Latinos have a higher non-voting propensity because they’re more than likely working – sometimes more than one job – and it’s hard for them to make it to the polls, even in Texas where early voting is almost as long as a climactic season. This piece is filled with good, thought provoking, information.

Are Latinos Reshaping Catholicism in the United States? (ABC News/Univision): Fascinating stuff, with unexpected political implications and consequences. Latinos are the only group of US Catholic congregants that are increasing. While the percentage of Catholics within the Latnio community is dwindling.

Can Obama Win the Latino Protestant Vote? (Religion and Politics): Follow up to the article above; it’s protestant Latinos who are more prone to vote Republican, or swing their vote from one party to another. Talk about micro-targeting… Talk about wrong-headed GOP efforts to woo Catholic Latinos…

Here’s The Reason Mitt Romney Is Performing Exceptionally Well Among Latinos In A New Florida Poll (Business Insider): Granted, this is chocolate for the poll geeks, but it’s interesting fodder nonetheless. This article is all about methodology and sampling and why you should account for Cubans in Florida and how they’ll skew your poll results if you don’t. Perfect for 10 minutes and a cup of coffee.

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