By Elise Foley, Huffington Post Latino Voices

The Obama campaign can already be confident it will win Latino voters, who in most polls support the president over Republican nominee Mitt Romney by margins greater than two to one. It is now working to make sure Latinos come out to vote in large numbers, and a television and radio ad out in Spanish on Wednesday urges them to do so.

“Why is it so important for Latinos to vote in this election?” talk show host and Obama endorser Cristina Saralegui asks first lady Michelle Obama in the ad, which will air in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

“So much is at stake,” Obama replies, going on to list comprehensive immigration reform, health care and education, all of which rank high but not at the top of most Latino voters’ concerns.

Despite the large margins Obama holds over Romney with Latino voters, Democrats have …


This article was first published in Huffington Post Latino Voices.

[Photo By Joyce N. Boghosian]

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