By: Victor Escalante, NewsTaco


Last week I got a call from a Hispanic Republican activist asking what it would take to increase the Latino vote. I told her, “It’s simple, Republicans need to fund outreach grassroots initiatives, invite Latino influencers to the discussion table, create a Latino friendly policy and sell it.” One week later after hearing what my sources claim is the future RNC Latino voter blueprint. I want to add one more. “Get rid of all the failed Latino pundits, spin meisters, and self proclaimed Latino political experts.”

Today our nation suspends its bitter divisive differences and focuses on the swearing in and festivities of President Obama. For Latinos, it’s a historic occasion because, as a voting bloc, we cast the winning vote. We delivered what billions of dollars could not. Our 10% vote is expected to double by 2030, which is just 18 years away. As Latino alpha voices have been saying for years, the time is now to take Latinos seriously.

Political Republican consultant Alex Castellanos says, “We have hit rock bottom. We need to change! Or the party will disappear.” This alarm is being echoed by other GOP Latino voices now jockeying for the vacuum that has existed at the top.

Latinos are not looking for handouts or payouts we just want to be given the opportunity. When the late Senator John Tower wanted to attract the Latino vote he hired legendary advertising executive Lionel Sosa. The rest is history. Mr. Sosa rose in prominence. He secured the Latino vote for different campaigns including both Bushes. Winning the Latino vote will require using Latino experts that promote corporate America to Latinos every day.

No amount of advertising though, will win the Latino vote without substance. We need Latino friendly policy such as health care, education opportunities, immigration reform, senior level appointments and hiring. The GOP needs some brown as seen in the Democratic Convention. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, George P. Bush and the other high profile Latinos cannot change or save the party. It will require comprehensive systemic re-branding from the top down.

The racial rhetoric launched against Justice Sotomayor needs to be taken as a history lesson. Radioactive publicity hounds like Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, Debbie Riddle, and all others that strike at Latinos need to be reined in. Those kinds of divisive harmful attacks can eradicate years of reliable grassroots outreach and recruitment efforts.  The polarizing voter suppression Southern Strategy is over. Ronald Reagan is dead it’s a new day in America.

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