mccain_immigration_town_hallBy Victor Landa, NewsTaco

No one said selling immigration reform was going to be easy.

Sure, there seems to be bipartisan agreement that reform should be done, especially after the schooling that the GOP received regarding Latino voters and the future of national elections.

So everyone’s on board, right? All we have to do is wait for Congress to get back to Washington from their little President’s Day vacation, resolve their sequester differences and violá, immigration get’s done…right?

Meanwhile, GOP Representatives and Senators are trying to sell their new-found (and in some cases re-found, again, once more) approval of immigration reform to their more belligerent anti-immigration constituents.

And what would that look like?

Here’s a glimpse of what Senator John McCain confronted in a town hall meeting back in his home state over the weekend. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pleasant, and McCain lost his cool.

The video comes to us courtesy of MSNBC.

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[Photo screenshot courtesy MSNBC]

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