election signs votingBy Victor Landa, NewsTaco

This isn’t being talked about very loudly in Latino political circles, in fact, it hasn’t been talked about loudly for a long time. But it has been acknowledged and mulled over by many people for many years.

Why isn’t Latino political power bubbling up into elected positions in the same rate that it’s being accumulated and reported on the ground. In other words, why aren’t Latinos electing more Latinos?

The truth is that we all have our own versions of the reason and we defend them vehemently, because they’re ours. But nothing beats simple data and a cold look at the numbers. Which is exactly what Chuck Todd did one morning along with Nathan Gonzales, the Deputy Editor of the Rothenberg Political Report and founder of Politics in Stereo.

You can watch the segment below, it’s worth a listen, if nothing else as fodder for future discussion.

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