*Personally, I’m in. I agree that terminally ill patients should be able to ask their doctors for help to end their lives. Does this go against your religious beliefs? VL

By Fox News (3 minute read) 

According to a new online survey by Nashville-based LifeWay Research, a company that offers tools to measure how churches and Christian ministries are helping the needs of their congregations, 69 percent of Hispanics agree it is morally acceptable for terminally-ill patients to ask their doctors for help in ending their lives.

The findings are not sitting well within the Catholic community, whose pull among Latinos has been dwindling steadily in the last decade.

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“To say that we have the right to death is shocking to hear. As a person who believes in an afterlife, I believe death is a tragedy,” said Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie, a radiologist in the Miami area and advisory board member of The Catholic Association.


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