*This is getting a lot of attention in Latino digital and social media networks. It seems this doesn’t sit well with raza and we’re backing the call for a Delta boycott. We don’t like the idea of someone being kicked off a flight for speaking a language other than English. VL

By Melissa Chan, TIME (1.5 minute read) 

A popular YouTube star was kicked off a Delta airlines flight Wednesday after he spoke Arabic to his mom on the phone and brought “discomfort” to other passengers shortly before takeoff, the airline and the ejected man said.

Adam Saleh, who has more than 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, posted videos on Twitter of his encounter on the New York City-bound flight from London. He appears distressed and calls other customers “racists” as he and his friend are led off the plane.

“We’re getting kicked out because we spoke a different language. This is 2016. I can’t believe my eyes. I’m about to cry right now. Seriously,” he says in one of the videos.

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Saleh says in the footage that about six white people complained about him after the phone conversation with his mother. His videos quickly went viral and sparked intense outrage on Twitter from people who promised to boycott Delta.


[Screenshot courtesy of Adam Saleh Facebook]

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