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By Rigoberto Gonález, NBC News (4 minute read) 

As the year comes to a close, here’s one final look at some great Latino books published in 2016.

This list includes titles by U.S. Latino and Latin American authors who have been translated into English. Together, these selections shape a compelling portrait of the Americas as a vibrant territory that welcomes change but holds firm to its ethnic roots and cultural histories.

The Road to Llorona Park

Christopher Carmona, Stephen F. Austin State University Press.

The Road to Llorona Park

The Road to Llorona Park is a collection of short fiction about the changing world of la frontera/the borderlands of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. The stories center around the current times when the political upheavals of Mexico began to effect peoples lives on both sides of the border. Amazon

The stories in this debut collection take a hard look at the dynamic yet unpredictable borderlands that stretch from El Paso to Albuquerque. Two of the reader’s recurring guides are Halden Cruces and Rowena Garza—he, the sentimental fool with an artistic temperament that gets him into odd predicaments and she, the Chicana scholar whose sharp mind and wit brings him much needed grounding.

Carmona’s young professional characters bring fresh perspective to a landscape that continues to navigate longstanding issues such as undocumented immigration and the politics of identity and culture.


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