*The list of Latino players to watch in the NFL Playoffs has been reduced by two. This past weekend Kiko Alonzo of the Miami Dolphins and Victor Cruz of the New York Giants ended their seasons when their teams lost in the first round. VL

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The frenzy of the top teams in the NFL battling it out for a spot in the Super Bowl has now begun. It’s playoff time, and the games are do or … don’t.

In the thick of things are a number of Hispanic athletes in many different roles. Here are brief profiles on a few of them.

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For Villanueva, the drama of the NFL playoffs probably isn’t comparable, tension-wise, with the life and death situations he has faced as an Army Ranger already. The son of two Spanish parents, Villanueva, who was born in Mississippi, followed an unconventional path to the NFL, but now he is firmly entrenched as one of the vital members of the Steelers’ offensive line.

The Steelers look to continue their traditional playoff success, where they have an overall winning record that includes six Super Bowls.


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