Food for thought for the thinking Latino

*First off, I don’t know where Quartz gets off on pronouncing something “official.” Second,...

*What do you think? Joaquín for U.S. Seante? VL By Patrick Svitek, Texas Tribune...

  • *First, the headline is a copy of the original Atlanta Journal-Constitution headline – I would have gone with Latinas. Second, WOOT! VL By David Wickert, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported recently, Brenda Lopez of Norcross is poised to become the first Latino woman elected to the Georgia General Assembly after winning the May […]

  • *The opening ceremony for the Rio Summer Olympics is a little more than a week away. VL By Yara Simon, Remezcla When 16-year-old Laurie Hernandez made Team USA’s Olympics squad, the news electrified the internet. Though she’s not the first Latina to represent the US gymnastics at the world’s largest sports stage, having a Latina […]

  • *First off, I don’t know where Quartz gets off on pronouncing something “official.” Second, they base their pronouncement on the fact that Kaine “competed with a number of ethnic Latino frontrunners” and speaks adequate Spanish on the stump. And third, it’s kinda ridiculous. I’m sure you all can come up with a worthy list of […]

  • By Victor Landa, NewsTaco They meet three days before the beginning of the big political convention, what they agree to is ratified as soon as the convention is gaveled-in, it  frames the proceedings for the year to come, and yet few people know who’s on the committee, what they do, and why. This year the […]

  • *Is the DNC sending a one-note message to Latino voters? “Trump is going to deport you.”  VL By Alice Ollstein, Think Progress PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — The Republican National Convention featured vocally anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio on its main stage, along with several other speakers who portrayed immigrants as criminals and terrorists. The Democratic National Convention […]