Food for thought for the thinking Latino

*Latinos spend 10% more on school supplies than others. Why do you think that...

*It’s interesting that one of the reasons given for the gap between Latina and...

  • *I’ll be doing a podcast with Hector Galán and will be posting a trailer of the documentary soon. VL By Latino Public Broadcasting (LOS ANGELES) – With his rallying cry of “su voto es su voz” (“your vote is your voice”), the Mexican-American activist Willie Velasquez launched a grassroots movement that forever changed the nation’s […]

  • *There are some U.S. Latino athletes we didn’t hear about during the Olympics: Maggie Steffens medaled in water polo, and Sarah Robles won bronze in weightlifting. VL By Luis Miguel Echegaray, The Guardian In two dramatic weeks, the backdrops of Corcovado and Copacabana served as visual soundtracks to the 31st Olympiad. Rio de Janeiro, the sixth most […]

  • *Latinos spend 10% more on school supplies than others. Why do you think that is? We care more? We have more kids? Or is it something else? VL By Fox News Latino (2.5 minute read) It’s that time again. Kids across the country are either back in school or sulking because their summer vacation is almost […]

  • *MALDEF, changing U.S. Latino politics one battle, one victory at a time. VL By Mihir Zaveri, Houston Chronicle (2 minute read) A federal judge has denied Pasadena’s request to throw out a lawsuit challenging its controversial city council redistricting plan, which a group of Hispanic and Latino residents alleges dilutes the voting rights of the suburb’s growing […]

  • *I was at a gathering last night when the news of the peace deal buzzed on mobile devices.It’s what most people talked about the rest of the evening. VL By Nelson Acosyta, Reuters (4 minute read) HAVANA, Aug 24 – Colombia’s government and leftist FARC rebels unveiled a final peace deal on Wednesday to end a […]