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*A 1997 lawsuit settlement requires that undocumented children be held in places that protect...

*My pick for lunch read of the day. It’s a clear portrait of what many...

  • *Bill Valdez draws a connecting line of similarities between the red scare, the present GOP extremism and radical Islam. He says mainstream voters haven’t and wn’t elect an extremist to the presidency. VL By Bill Valdez, NewsTaco Extreme political polarization – such as the current divide between mainstream conservatives and Tea Party activists, or during […]

  • *I can’t help but laugh at the irony. The Latinos who work at the Cali-Fame factory don’t seem to mind the client or the message – they’re working overtime, and work is work they say. VL   By Christine Mai-Duc The Los Angeles Times Donald Trump’s hats have quickly become a signature totem of the 2016 campaign, […]

  • *The police shooing of Laquan McDonald in Chicago last year happened blocks from where Ray Salazar teaches, a stone’s throw from where he worked as a teenager. He wathced the video released by the Chicago PD; his dilemma is how to explain the shooting to his 10 year-old son. VL By Ray Salazar, The White Rhino […]

  • *Wilder is a small rural town in Idaho, close to the border with Oregon. But Latinos there are 76% of the population and they made history. This is reflective of a growing momentum in Idaho where Latinos have gained seats in city councils and school boards. VL By Kimberlee Kruesi, Associated Press/Idaho Statesman BOISE, IDAHO […]

  • *A 1997 lawsuit settlement requires that undocumented children be held in places that protect their overall well-being. The state of Texas asked for emergency licenses for two private centers that house immigrant families, but the emergency would not allow for a detailed list of how the centers would provide for the children’s well-being. So a […]

  • *Every year around this time we get a version of the “guajolote” vs “pavo” argument. I’ve always used the words interchangeably, and being a word-nerd and all, I did some research to find the true term. I found there isn’t one, but I also found this cool article. It traces the origins of the native […]

  • *Last year the Real Academia Española (RAE) included the words “baipás” (bypass), “bluyín” (blue jean), “espray” (spray) in the official Spanish lexicon. Yes, these are now official Spanish words. The REA has a seat in the Association of Spanish Language Academies that began its conference this week in Mexico City. If I were there, I’d vote for […]

  • *If the delay is granted the case may not be heard while Obama is in office. These are the “x’s” and “o’s” of the matter: The Supreme Court clerk routinely grants extensions; the DOJ can oppose the request, and if it does it’ll end up on Justice Scalia’s desk because he has jurisdiction over the 5th […]

  • *My pick for lunch read of the day. It’s a clear portrait of what many people along the U.S.-Mexico border call la jaula de oro, the golden cage. New YorK Times writer Manny Fernandez tells the story of Mexicans caught in a “no man’s land” between the border and the Border Patrol checkpoints 100 miles away. They […]

  • *This is to set the record straight, because among the things that most hurt us is our own easy belief in lies, misinformation and conjecture that thrives on social media. So no, Syrians were not apprehend at the border. Over the span of a week 13 Syrians turned themselves in to border authorities in Laredo […]