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Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

A Poor Christmas for Latino Elders on LA Streets

*Don’t mean to dampen your holiday mood, but this is important and not only in LA: “Twelve percent of the 7.1 million people the Regional Food Bank serves annually, more than 850,000 are 65 and older. Of those, reflecting the county’s demographics, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) are Latino.” VL By Francisco Castro, New America Media

Monday, January 4th, 2016

L.A. Murder – Not The Real Story Any More

**Some reassuring news hidden behind Los Angeles murder stats. Context makes the difference in urban settings, along the border, anywhere that numbers are used to paint pictures. VL By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog It would have...

Friday, December 18th, 2015

Journalist Sam Quinones is on a Mission to Photograph Every Mural of La Virgen de Guadalupe In LA

*Sam Quiñoes has been making pictures of Virgen de Guadalupe murals in Los Angeles since 2010. He does it on his spare time and has lost count of the mural pictuires he has – he estimates 50,...

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Do Latino Neighborhoods Have More to Fear from Gentrification?

*A fascinating read! It turns out that traditional Latino neighborhoods are more prone to gentrification because new white residents are less likely to move into a neighborhood that has a majority of black people. VL By Daniel...

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Boxer Enriquez, the Mexican Mafia, LAPD – What’s the problem?

*Although nefarious, the Mexican Mafia is one of So Cal’s important institutions. Sam Quiñones tell us we need to know how it works. VL By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog There’s been a dust-up recently over a...

Monday, January 12th, 2015

As a legend passes, a Walmart in Compton?

*In many parts around the country these swap meets (in Texas we call them pulgas) serve as immigrant business incubators, they sustain families and communities. Sam Quiñones tell us that in Compton, rumor has it that an...

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Is This How Gangs End?

*Wonderful piece, as always, by NewsTaco contributor Sam Quiñones, published in Pacific Standard Magazine. I’m a fan of the creative process, and Sam gives us a little behind-the-scenes look at at his story on LA Gangs. VL...

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

L.A. Immigrants Push City Officials To Name Neighborhoods After Their Home Countries

*Tip O’Neill is credited with coining the phrase “all politics is local.” I’m not sure if Little Venezuela is what he had in mind, but the spirit of the phrase rings true. While the country at large...

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Plant closure sought for polluting Latino district of Los Angeles

By EFE/Global Post Los Angeles, Mar 11 (EFE).- Community leaders requested Tuesday the urgent closure of a battery-recycling plant in Vernon, California, after a report was published showing the existence of lead pollution in this mostly Latino...

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Barefoot Triqui Indian Basketball Players Tour Los Angeles

By Sam Quiñones, A reporter’s Blog The barefoot Triqui Indian basketball team, from the mountains of Oaxaca, is in Los Angeles for a couple weeks. The team of 10 and 11-year-olds from the village of Rio Venado,...

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Alejandro Escovedo don’t need no six-string basses

By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog Last week, in the middle of a 90-minute set in West L.A., Alejandro Escovedo hunched over his black electric guitar and splayed his feet as if he was up against gale-force...

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna’s Ambulante film fest plays L.A.

This article was suggested by Becky Landa. By Reed Johnson, The Los Angeles Times Ambulante, the Mexican itinerant not-for-profit documentary film festival, founded by actors Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal and producer Pablo Cruz, is crossing...

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

L.A. high school coach runs extra mile, awarded Most Inspiring Coach of the Year

By Maria Camila Bernal, NBCLatino In the East Los Angeles community where Coach Justin Torres trains his cross country and track high school students, the dropout rate is 70 percent, families live on very low incomes and...

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Cal Worthington, a legend passes. Se habla Español

By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog I grew up listening to, and memorizing the commercials of, “Cal Worthington and his dog Spot.” Cal is now dead. At 92. Worthington, of course, was anathema to animal-rights folks, as he...

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