Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Latinos in the 113th Congress

By Silvia Manzano, Latinovations The 113th Congress includes a record number of thirty-eight Latinos elected officials. These notable numbers have both policy and political implications for the future of Latino politics in the United States.  First though, some demographic facts about the 113th. Demographic Profile The House Representatives includes thirty-five Latino members, another three are members of the

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

When Lalo Alacaraz invented ‘Self Deportation’ (audio)

By Rafalca D. Portado, Pocho Ñews Service Lalo Alcaraz AKA Daniel D. Portado invented Self Deportation as a joke in 1994, and now it’s part of Gov. Mitt Romney’s platform. Nancy Lopez interviewed the Jefe-in-Chief for Radioambulante. This article was first published in

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Funny Or Die (VIDEO)- “Self Deportation Station”

By Antonio Matrtinez, Our Tiempo Mary Steenburgen & George Lopez star in this hilarious video. We love the Morrissey poster in the SDS. Self Deportation Station with Mary Steenburgen & George Lopez from Mary Steenburgen This article...

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Romney’s “Self-Deportation” Policy Is No Joke

By Raul A. Reyes, I bet Mitt Romney has a sweatshirt that says I (heart) Florida. His victory in the Sunshine State revitalized his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. Florida also gave him an opportunity...