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This graphics segment is featured in “Tales of Masked Men,” a new PBS documentary about Lucha Libre. The film was directed and produced by Carlos Avila. This graphics segment was made by Todd Brunelle and his company Corruptive Media. The film was Co-Produced and Edited by Thom Calderón. The clip features the music of The Angel and it is narrated by actor Miguel Sandoval.

“Tales of Masked Men” – Lucha Libre 101 – the very basics of the sport. from Carlos Avila onVimeo.

“Tales of Masked Men” is currently playing at various film festivals around the world. Watch another clip below.

“Tales of Masked Men” – Lucha Libre as Morality Play from Carlos Avila on Vimeo.
Learn more about “Tales of Masked Men” here.

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[Photo courtesy Tales of Masked Men]

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