*The developers, based in Chihuahua, Mexico, say they built the game to bring the lore of the Rarámuri (Tarahumara) people  into the digital world. Here’s what they said:  “We believe games are a potential tool to change society for good,” they state on their Kickstarter page. “Through Mulaka, we intend to generate awareness, communion and respect for the Rarámuri culture.” VL

By Danilo Aguilar, Remezcla

Nowadays, the gaming industry can feel a little diluted, with limited options for the types of game genres available. Shooters and FIFA are what dominate home consoles, and like anything in life, too much of the same makes you go looking for that side piece. And so I did, on the internets. Which is how I discovered the Kickstarter page for an intriguing new game out of Mexico called Mulaka.

Normally, video games seeking crowdfunding are too 8-bit retro for my taste. But there’s something special about Mulaka. The game aims to bring the ancient, mythical lore of Mexico’s Rarámuri people – also known as the Tarahumara – into the digital world, through an immersive, 3D combat and puzzle environment set in the Sierra Tarahumara.

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[Photo courtesy of Mulaka Kickstarter page]

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