*Check out this #MexicanThing. The Mexican team saw it as a statement victory. Team member Juan Carlos Mariscal said “We have the same abilities as any other student in the world.” VL

remezcla-logoBy Andrew S. Vargas, Remezcla (2.5 minute read)

Fans of Donald Trump can officially start freaking out: Mexicans are invading the US space program. Well not in any official way, but a group of engineers from the UNAM have just taken the top prize at a robotics competition sponsored by NASA and Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a charming little robot named Rover.

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Under the flashy title Sample Return Robot Challenge 2016, the competition brought together 11 teams from different countries to see who could cook up the most effective self-powered sample collecting machine. For his part, Rover clocked in at 22 kilograms with a street value of around $10,000, but the symbolic value of his win is closer to priceless. READ MORE

[Photo courtesy of Remezcla]

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