Food for thought for the thinking Latino

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (2.5 minute read) This is the picture everybody will be...

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  • *This is new territory, folks who hadn’t been interested and hadn’t voted before are doing so now, so it’s hard to draw definite conclusions. A Google search doesn’t equal a vote. But it’s a good omen and good fodder for political scientists and sociologists to dissect after the election. VL By Matt McFarland, CNN Money (1.5 minute […]

  • *They’re looking for everything – photos, newspaper clippings, old gloves, uniforms, balls – from little league memorabilia to business sponsored leagues, to minor and major league baseball. Latinos have had a large influence in U.S. baseball and baseball has been a pillar of life of Latinos in the USA. VL By Noel Gutierrez-Morfin, NBC News (2.5 minute […]

  • *There’s been an unusually high interest from Mexico in the U.S. election. I was at the UNAM in August, participating in a two-day symposium on the U.S. election. They’re watching closely. VL By Rodrigo Cervantes, Fronteras (2.5 minute read) MEXICO CITY — Like in the United States, groups gathered in Mexico City for presidential debate watch parties. […]

  • *This is distressing. In 2008 4.7 million Latinos were diagnosed with asthma, most because of environmental causes. VL By Yessenia Funes, Colorlines (1.5 minute read) The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released a report Friday (September 24) on the EPA and its enforcement of environmental justice, and they found that the agency is not protecting communities in […]

  • *Follow the links this month to stream free PBS movies with Latino themes. They’re all good! VL By Andrew S. Vargas, Remezcla (11 minute read) Well folks, it’s September again, which means a whole year has passed since we last celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. A year that brought us cultural milestones like Jane the Virgin, Chile […]