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*I loved the parallel made between Harriet Tubman and today’s immigrants. It takes the...

*One at a time, if need be. The point is, get it done, all...

  • *It’s an uphill battle without a strong Voting Rights Act. But MALDEF, chips away at gerrymandering one district at a time. VL By Marcus Castro, South Kern Sol/New America Media  BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – One of the nation’s leading civil rights organizations has filed a lawsuit against Kern County for violating the 1965 Federal Voting Rights Act. […]

  • *What do you do when the state of Arizona bans a number of classic Chicano literature books? You publish an anthology of Chicano literature, because you can. and why Chicano? Because Mexican=-Americans are 66 percent of the Latino population – the community’s trunk, as Tiny Diaz says. VL By Tony Diaz, Texas Observer I’m often the […]

  • *The important thing, I think, is the “why all Americans should care” part. Latinos know the effects of racism on our youth, it’s non-Latinos who need the knowledge. Why? Apart from moral decency, Latinos are Americans and we’re a growing community. Racism is self-defeating for racists.  VL By Jody Agius Vallejo, The Conversation  Luis is an […]

  • *I loved the parallel made between Harriet Tubman and today’s immigrants. It takes the writer about six paragraphs to get to the point, but once she does, it’s a good one: “Tubman stood up for her rights and the rights of others. She sought a better life. She was a true American. It strikes me as […]

  • *As Donald Trump solidifies his place as the GOP presidential nominee, let’s keep this in mind. VL By Enrique Acevedo, Fusion Over the past two decades the Latino vote has grown into an influential force in presidential politics. Now, millions of new voters are showing up at the polls, driven to a great extent by the […]



  • *A little setting-the-record-straight for your afternoon. Share this, spread the knowledge. VL By Nicoletta Maestri, Archeology.about.com Despite its popular use, the term “Aztec” when used to refer to the Triple Alliance founders of Tenochtitlan and the empire that ruled over...