Food for thought for the thinking Latino

*”Nearly one in five Latino voters (18 percent) reported being told previously that they...

*That didn’t go well. VL By Adrian Florido, NPR (7 minutre read) Florida Sen. Marco...

  • By Victor Landa, NewsTaco Dear Donald (I hope you don’t mind my calling you Donald), You’d think, given your constant complaints about “the system being rigged,” that the Latino community would have a little more sympathy for you. We don’t, most of us. I don’t speak for the entire U.S. Latino community – it’s too […]

  • *You know I’m going to ask . . . Who are you rooting for? I like the Cubbies to win it. VL By Gabe Salgado, NBC News (1.5 minute read) CHICAGO- We’re two games into the 2016 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians (tied 1-1) and it’s already one of the […]

  • *Not everyone agreed with the traffic-stop tactic. Are actions like these productive? VL By Yessenia Funes, Colorlines (1.5 minute read) At around 8 a.m. EST [Thursday, October 26], 10 immigrant and voting rights activists shut down the upper level of the George Washington Bridge which connects New York City and New Jersey for 45 minutes, causing major delays during rush […]

  • *A couple of takeaways from this article. There are more than just millionaire immigrant entrepreneurs, the majority run small community businesses and employ a handful of workers. Also, The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in the Latino community. VL By Peter Vandor and Nikolaus Franke, Harvard Business Review (6.5 minute read) What do Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Dietrich Mateschitz […]

  • *They voted to do away with bilingual education in 1998, now they want it back. VL By Jeremy Adam Smith, New America Media (6.5 minute read) SAN FRANCISCO — In 1998, California Proposition 227 tore the state apart. The English-only reform aimed to discourage schools from teaching immigrant students in their home languages. The measure passed by […]