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*The first Democrat elected to congress after Trump is Latino, He says the first...

*We’ve had this conversation for years. Do we need a national Latino leader? This...

  • By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (1.5 minue read)   This may be why the Caucasian voters at Trump rallies have become angry-white voters: The county is getting browner. At least, that’s what the latest U.S. Census numbers tell us. The Census released its annual count of the U.S., population – updates, really, of the formal decennial […]

  • *Vox has a very good summary of the Republican Healthcare plan. I share it because I’m a fan of bullet points. But also because it goes on to a lengthier explanation of what the GOP bill contains. In essence, it “asks low- and middle-income Americans to spend significantly more for less coverage.” VL By Sarah […]

  • *For some this is progress, for others it’s displacement. At a deeper level it’s erasing culture. VL NewsTaco CULTURE THURSDAY By Andrea Penman-Lomeli, Citylab (3.5 minute read)   Iconic images—of Frida Kahlo, Emiliano Zapata, Subcomandante Marcos, and César Chávez—once adorned a historic building in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, alongside portraits of neighborhood residents. But those images […]

  • By Victor Landa, NewsTaco  (2 minute read) The disgruntled rural and small town voter has gotten a lot of attention since Trump was elected president. They’ve become the cautionary tale, the voting segment that Democrats forgot in 2016, the Trumnpian base strategically located in rural areas and small towns in swing states, relentless in its […]

  • *It’s not close to where is should be, but 6.4% Latinos in Fortune 500 company boards is better than 4%. VL By Stacie Jones and Grace Donnely, Fortune (2.5 minute read)  After slipping for two years, the share of board of director appointees from underrepresented groups at Fortune 500 companies has surpassed its old record. […]