Food for thought for the thinking Latino

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (2.5 minute read)  NAFTA, the Trumpian border wall and gun trade...

*NAFTA was in Trump’s crosshairs since the beginning of his campaign. Everyone’s expecting big...

  • *Why you should read this: Because it helps to understand why the border wall, while nearly impossible to build and pay for, continues to resonate among people who live far from it. Because is uncovers the way large symbols frame the immigration issue. VL By David Iaconangelo, Christian Science Monitor (4.5 minute read)  The first thing […]

  • *Why you should read this: Because it’s fascinating. Because the U.S. Latino culture is vast and varied and intricate. Because in many ways the Latino culture is all cultures. VL By Mercedes Olivera, The Dallas Morning News (4 minute read)  The Spanish spoken along the border these days may be slightly different from the Spanish […]

  • By Victor Landa, NewsTaco The big news this morning is foreign policy, and immigration policy, and not so much Trump. Although, the Trumpian border wall and the president-elect cabinet choices are in the mix. The big headline, though, came from President Obama who yesterday ended the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy regarding Cuban immigrants. The policy, in […]

  • *Why you should read this: Because who doesn’t like a good double entendre? Because I’m glad I read this recipe after I had breakfast, or else I might still be eating. VL By Adán Medrano, Adán’s Blog (3.5 minute read)  Poetry and food?  Absolutely with Huevos Rancheros.  First of all I love Tejano music, Norteño […]

  • *Why you should read this: Because it proves that Selena is forever. Because crossover isn’t just about popularity, it’s about artist’s recognition. Becasue we’re transforming America. VL By Isabelia Herrera, Remezcla (2.5 minute read)  In the cover story for the latest issue of Interview Magazine, Solange and Beyoncé Knowles bless us with another taste of their […]