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*This is powerful, and redeeming. VL By Kris Fortin, mitú (2.5 minute read) When everyone...

*This is an important story, and it’s not getting anywhere near the attention it...

  • *I love leche quemada con nuez. This history is fascinating. VL By Adán Merdrano, Adán’s Blog WHAT? The Mexican candy advertisement above is from around 1915’s -20’s. The candy shop was owned by Clyde Corrigan, according to Sarah Gould archivist and researcher at Institute Of Texan Cultures in San Antonio, Texas.  It is discussed in […]

  • *Watch this. Share it. VL By Tanisha Love Ramirez, Huffington Post Latino Voices (2 minute read) A new PSA from Voto Latino is urging Latino voters to help deliver the vote this November. The PSA, titled “Ganas” (Spanish for “desire” or “drive”), was directed by Ricardo de Montreuil, and features cast members of Hulu’s hit show […]

  • *Looking for a different way to see who won last night’s debate? Check out the Mexican peso. VL By Eshe Nelson, Quartz (1.5 minute read) For the best polling on the US presidential election, watch the Mexican peso. The currency has become a proxy to gauge who the financial markets think is winning the race. The […]

  • Tuesday’s numbers

    September 27th, 2016
    Tuesday’s numbers

    By Victor Landa, NewsTaco The Latino daily subscribers get a daily dose of Latino numbers – about the economy, education, health, census, immigration –  in their inbox as part of their daily Latino morning brief. Here’s a sample. Click HERE to receive the Latino daily every morning! PricewaterhouseCoopers published the results of a fascinating study on […]

  • By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (2.5 minute read) This is the picture everybody will be talking about today. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump side-by-side in the first presidential debate of 2016. Most of the post-debate commentary held to a small set of common observations: that is was a debate unlike any other, bordering on the bizarre […]