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*If being dropped by Univision and NBC didn’t faze Trump, maybe a dis from...

*This was a matter of time. NBCUniversal owns Telemundo, and while it’s not Univision,...

  • By Bill Valdez, NewsTaco When the Supreme Court handed down its landmark ruling on same-sex marriage, more than a few people couldn’t help but think about the former Vice President’s struggle with this issue.  At a time when his party and his President were actively promoting the wedge issue of same-sex marriage to win the […]

  • *The Republican majority in Congress is not interested in normalizing relations with Cuba.  There is no interest among the Congressional GOP to approve funding for the embassy (no money is needed at this time), approve an ambassador or lift the 1960 trade embargo. VL By Halimah Abdullah, NBC News President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that […]

  • *When it comes to the Pope’s messages on climate justice and his call for a phase-out of fossil fuels to protect the poor, the important question is whether Francis can make a difference in a slow-moving threat. Many observers say that the world’s Latinos will be key to the Pope’s vision. VL By Suzanne Goldenberg, The […]

  • *All those weekend soccer pick-up games and community leagues? They’re not sanctioned by a major soccer association, so it’s hard for working-class U.S. Latino soccer players to break into the big leagues or international play. It seems U.S. soccer has an elitist side. VL By Kristan Heneage, The Guardian As Miguel Ibarra posed for photographs […]

  • *If being dropped by Univision and NBC didn’t faze Trump, maybe a dis from Carlos Slim will. The Mexican magnate is the second richest person in the world. Trump’s meager $4.1 billion net worth is 17 times smaller than Slim’s $71.1 billion. Shallow as it sounds, this is the kind of thing that will probably […]

  • By Juan H. Flores and Dr. Rogelio Saenz, NewsTaco The American Dream is fading for many Latino families today and for their children tomorrow.  This is especially true in Texas where many Latinos face significant barriers to building wealth and future opportunities for their children.  As a result, over half (2.3 million) of Latino children are […]

  • *Hopeful thinking in the momentum of Obamacare and same-sex marriage.  Barreto says it’s possible as part of an overall progressive shift. VL By Matt Barreto, New York Times A renewed debate over wages and inequality point to majority support for closing the chief-executive-to-average-employee pay gap. Even Obamacare, which remains polarized by partisanship, is seeing a […]

  • *Every once in a while relevant history bubbles to the top of some mainstream media publication, somewhere. It’s important history that is often relegated to a shelf, where it gathers dust. This is precisely why Mexican-American studies and Latino studies programs are important in high schools, colleges and universities. This is American history that needs to […]

  • – SPONSORED CONTENT – PRESS RELEASE Important opportunities such as college loans, driver’s license tied to registration You want to see your son succeed, so you always urge him to do the right thing. Sometimes that means giving advice about things you might not necessarily have firsthand experience with, like the latest fashions or girlfriend […]

  • *This was a matter of time. NBCUniversal owns Telemundo, and while it’s not Univision, it represent a very large portion of the U.S. Latino population. Not severing ties with Trump would have been bad business. VL By David Bauer, Associated Press/Yahoo NEW YORK (AP) — because of comments he made about Mexican immigrants during the […]