Food for thought for the thinking Latino

*Terrific read! There’re some good historic points – we’ve seen this before. VL By Raúl...

*The evidence is mounting that Donald Trump didn’t do as well as he and...

  • *This looks like it may be the end of family immigrant detention facilities. Vl By Mark Richardson, Public News Service (1.5 minute read)  SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Federal immigration centers have begun releasing hundreds of families from detention after a Texas judge ruled the the centers cannot be licensed as child-care facilities. While the ruling had been […]

  • *Carrillo is running for the seat to be vacated by Rep. Xavier Becerra. Former Assembly Speaker John A. Perez and Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez have announced their candidacy for the same seat. VL By Sarah D. Wire, Los Angeles Times (1.5 minute read)  A civic and labor activist and journalist who had been in the country illegally is joining […]

  • *The movie opens in theaters in November of 2017. VL By Andrew S. Vargas, Remezcla (3 minute read)  It’s been over a year since we last reported on the tortured saga of Pixar’s upcoming Día de Muertos-inspired feature Coco; but in the big picture of Coco’s ongoing six-year development process, it’s just a drop in the […]

  • *Terrific read! There’re some good historic points – we’ve seen this before. VL By Raúl A. Ramos, Texas Tribune/TribTalk (4 minute read) Bad hombres, rigged elections and dangerous immigrants sound like themes from a stock campaign speech from President-elect Donald Trump, but the ideas themselves aren’t new. Mexican-Americans faced similar attacks over 160 years ago across […]

  • *This is a wonderful read, well worth the time invested. This is one of me favorite online magazines. It never disappoints. VL By Rob Waters, Craftsmanship Quarterly (30 minute read) My first encounter with what Cubans call inventos–the term they use for the hacks and gadgets they create to keep things working—comes before I have […]