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*The evidence is mounting that Donald Trump didn’t do as well as he and...

*What do you think? We want to celebrate our achievements, but without pandering. This...

  • *This is a wonderful read, well worth the time invested. This is one of me favorite online magazines. It never disappoints. VL By Rob Waters, Craftsmanship Quarterly (30 minute read) My first encounter with what Cubans call inventos–the term they use for the hacks and gadgets they create to keep things working—comes before I have […]

  • *What do you think? Is it that easy? I know there are many theater-Taquistas, what do you say? VL By Diep Tran, American Theater (6.5 minute read)  In 2013, Cleveland Public Theatre artistic director Raymond Bobgan was onstage doing what he does often: a pre-show speech. In addition to the usual “please silence your cell phones,” Bobgan […]

  • The Media Cometh

    December 6th, 2016
    The Media Cometh

    *If you read nothing else on NewsTaco today, read this. Jesse get’s it. It’s what we’re about. VL By Jesse Treviño, HispanicLatino I often am asked to identify the most important issue facing the Hispanic/Latino population that has led the country’s demographic transition into the new America our country has fast become.  Defaulting automatically to […]

  • *Migrants from Central America are fearful that Donald Trump will seal the border, so they’re coming in larger numbers to beat what they think is inevitable – and there isn’t enough room to detain them. VL By Gabe Gutierrez and David Douglas, NBC News (4 minute read)  MCALLEN, Texas — Apprehensions on the Southwest border, along the […]

  • *It’s not Tex-Mex, it’s Texas-Mexican – there’s a difference. The culinary roots go back 10,000 years. VL By Adan Medrano, The Texas Observer (10 minute read) Growing up, I remember my amá making corn tortillas by hand. Mom would flip a ball of corn masa back and forth between her hands, fashioning it into a perfectly […]



  • *A very interesting point of view. Especially in light of this past election when Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans voted very differently. VL By Gabriel San Roman, OC Weekly (9 minute read) Cuban exiles greeted news of Fidel Castro’s death this...