October 20th, 2010
¡Qué Dios Nos Salve de Vendidos Como Este!

Robert Desposada has been a Republican political operative for some time, long enough that the bird-brains at Univisión decided to turn him into a “pundit” that would balance their political talking-head line-up to include the loony right-wing Hispanarians.

Desposada has produced an ad now running in Nevada that urges that state’s Latino voters to refuse to vote. That’s right, he’s urging Latinos to NOT cast ballots because the Democratic president and Democratic majority in Congress did not do anything about immigration reform.

Now, let’s forget that George W. Bush captured a lot of Latino votes — among them, probably Desposada’s — by promising immigration reform, and let’s not remember that the biggest congressional opponents to bringing our immigration laws into the 21st century have been stalwart members of the GOP, who have used every procedural maneuver around to keep the matter from even being considered, and have, Like Desposada, used every advertising trick to try to keep Latinos from being empowered.

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