October 21st, 2010
Keep ‘Em Dumb So ‘Illegals’ Don’t Get Our Jobs

In an obvious attempt to keep unauthorized immigrant children from getting post-high-school education, The Nation reports that Georgia has joined a growing number of states are making it increasingly difficult for them to not only go to college, but to also benefit from any education.

“Georgia’s decision is also part of a larger push that’s been gaining momentum over the past year to block undocumented students from the educational system on all levels.

A number of public elementary and high schools have been taking steps to gather information on students’ citizenship status and to discourage undocumented students from attending. One Iowa gubernatorial candidate has even been campaigning on the idea of  overturning Plyler vs. Doe, the Supreme Court decision that established the right to K-12 education for all children regardless of immigration status.”

This only re-enforces the reality that the United States of America is, through its outmoded immigration policies, building a stratified society in which native-born citizens will be the superior class benefiting from the underpaid lower-class who will be kept in their caste by official denial of any manner of their self-advancement.

This is hardly the America I was taught about in the eighth grade.

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