December 18th, 2010
DREAM Act Vote Tally; 5 Dems Vote No

Five Democrats — all the votes needed to pass it — voted “No” this morning to kill the DREAM Act. Remember in November! We at NewsTaco will keep you updated on ways you can become involved politically in the future, but for now, take this in. Here’s the Senate vote tally and the Democrats who voted “No”:

  • Mark Pryor of Arkansas
  • Jon Tester of Montana
  • Max Baucus of Montana
  • Kay Hagan of North Carolina
  • Ben Nelson of Nebraska

8 thoughts on “DREAM Act Vote Tally; 5 Dems Vote No

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  5. “Five Democrats — all the votes needed to pass it — voted “No””. I don’t get it! Had they voted “yes”, it would still have been 50 Against and 46 For! It still would not have passed the way I see it! Don’t they need 60 votes to pass a bill, if not at least 51?

  6. Please note that only three brave Republicans voted for the Dream Act: Lugar of Indiana, Murkowski of Alaska, and Bennett of Utah. Utah politicians are finally taking notice of the Hispanic vote. The other Utah Senator, Hatch, not surprisingly sat out the vote, which he probably hopes keeps him out of the list of naysayers but actually contributed to defeating the Act. The same goes for the sixth Democrat who could have helped to pass it, Manchin of West Virginia, who should be listed with the “noble five” above by his abstention.

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