February 4th, 2011
NewsTaco To Go: Obesity, Internet, Budget Cuts, Violence

Obesity, the Internet running out of space budget cuts, Tucson shooting health care costs and the Ft. Hood, Texas massacre in this morning’s NewsTaco To Go!

Obesity has doubled worldwide in the past three decades, even as cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped.

The Internet ran out of space Thursday, when the number of IP addresses the entity that assigns ran out; but, they have a new system in place that will pick up where the old one left off.

The U.S. House proposed $32 billion in budget cuts; led by House Republicans, the cuts touch nearly every government agency but the Pentagon.

Army and FBI officials missed the warning signs that Maj. Nidal M. Hasan was becoming “radical” before he went on a shooting rampage in Ft. Hood, Texas and killed 13 people.

Victims of the Tucson shooting in Arizona are trying to pay for care, even as they try to recuperate their mental health.

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