February 10th, 2011
NewsTaco To Go: Wireless, Racism, Cancer, Homeless Vets And Escándalo

New treatments for breast cancer, some good ol’ racism in Mississippi, wireless infrastructure, the veterans everyone loves to forget and some juicy escándalo.

Breast cancer patients may not need many lymph nodes removed after they undergo a lumpectomy and before radiation. This means the treatment is a little less invasive.

Veterans are much more likely to be homeless than everyone else; about 16% of the homeless are veterans, even though they only make up 10% of the general population. That amounts to more than 75,000 people.

President Barack Obama is rolling out a plan to provide wireless Internet infrastructure for most of the country.

Mississippi is set to offer license plates honoring a KKK leader, Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Ay yai yai…

Now for the juicy chisme!

New York Rep. Christopher Lee resigned after sending cochino pictures of himself to a woman who wasn’t his wife. Yes, he’s a Republican who extolled conservative values and warned youngsters of the dangers of the Internet. The blog Gawker posted the photos that resulted in his resignation.

[Photo By Tony The Misfit]

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